Learn About Our Steel Frames

Do you sell finished tiny homes?

Our tiny homes are steel frames ONLY. We do not sell or build any finished homes. We provide all of the pieces required for you to build and assemble your new tiny home

Do I need to put the frame on a trailer?

You have a choice whether you would like to put frame on a trailer or if you would like to make it permanent on concrete or other foundation. 

What is an ADU

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a small, self-contained residential unit located on the same lot as an existing single-family home

Why use steel and not wood?

Using steel allows to be much lighter and also eliminates mold, termites, moss and other elements that damage wood. 

Can you build custom frames?

Currently we offer two pre-made designs that have been created by an award winning engineer and are available for purchase.
If you would like to build a custom frame, we can build it for you from our Arizona location. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Do you offer financing?

Not currently. However, homes that are installed as permanent structures (MicroHomes) are treated like conventional construction projects by lenders. Once installed on your property, they can be financed just like regular houses! 

Will a light gague steel frame rust?

No, the steel is hot dipped in an aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloy. Preventing rust from occuring.

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