Machine Manufactured Steel Frame Kit and Trailer. Easy to Assemble Into Your Own Tiny Home.
We Have Delivered 100’s of these structures as either Rentals, Mobile Living Spaces and Businesses

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2 Styles to Choose From

We make the frames, You finish it!

3d model stills

Take a look at what these steel structures can look like when finished

(for demonstration only. We only sell the steel structures. We do NOT sell finished homes)

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Steel tiny homes vs wood

A steel framed tiny home is 40% – 60% lighter than wood.

No mold, no termites, no VOC’s and no off-gassing within the home.

Steel frame assembly is fast and erected on site in less than a day.

CAD Design & Manufacturing reduces the amount and cost of specialized labor.

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio.

Galvanized steel is fire and damp resistant and will not rust.

Engineered CAD design and factory assembled to precise tolerances.

Steel is the most recycled material on earth.


Lightweight Steel Construction

Easily load onto trailer and transport your Tiny Home to the destination of your liking. 


Structural Strength

Precision steel for reduced weight and structural strenght.


High Quality Custom Design

Durable non-shrinking with precision design technology

Two Designs To Choose From

Lightweight steel tiny home frame Kit. It’s a galvanized lightweight steel structure. These units are 30 feet long and 8 feet 2 inches wide.

This kit includes:

Steel outside and steel inside walls, steel lofts, skylights, windows, openings, the entire roof and all the doors are pre cut and ready to assemble with the included hardware.

We’ve used the world’s leading detailing and manufacturing technology software to produce unbeatable onsite accuracy in the construction process.  The light gauge steel frames are also extremely durable and won’t shrink, twist or warp over time, that can create uneven roof lines and sticky windows and doors. Using steel framing can bring significant cost and time savings to the project, both in the short and longer-term with less follow-up maintenance  

This Tiny Home structure, which is made from Light Gauge Steel, has an overall heavily reduced weight because the frames are made from fabricated steel. If you’re going to be moving a tiny home around on a trailer often, well, you’ve got to try and save on fuel costs where you can. Even while traditional wooden frames are great…

Light Gauge Steel has other benefits which make it a far BETTER option: 

– Better Structural Strength  

– Better Fire Protection 

– Better Mold Resistance 

– Better for the Environment 

– Better Design Possibilities 

– Reduced overall weight 

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We’ve Been In Business For Over 10 years

Our mission is to create long lasting Tiny Homes that our customers will enjoy for many years to come

Your new home can look like this!

Client Testimonials

Best decision we ever made. We set up 3 of these structures on our lot as business offices. Easy to assemble and you can choose to design it how you like. 

Jason W.

We switched to the metal frames from wood and it makes a world of difference. It is really lightweight and if you buy a trailer, it is extremely portable. I have nothing but great things to say about this structure. 

Sam L.

The guys at Steel Tiny Homes are great to work with. The metal framing is precision made, quick and easy to assemble, and resilient to weather. I would highly recommend buying one.

Julie M.

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